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Risk Protection Associates assist in the identification, research, and resolution of incidents related to employee dishonesty and significant policy violations. This can include additional security measures, internal employee communication, store organization for retail loss prevention, and a host of other strategic recommendations. A typical engagement includes internal investigative interviews, evidence gathering, resolving the loss if possible and coordinating with law enforcement for prosecution or legal counsel for civil restitution, then figuring out what happened in order to close the gap in your processes to prevent it from happening again.

In addition, RPA assists law firms, in-house counsel, arbitrators, and mediators in the development and collection of supporting evidence through investigation, public records research and retrieval, surveillance, analysis of evidence, photography/diagramming, and witness interviews. Risk Protection Associates analysis of evidence includes forensic accounting service, forensic science laboratory services, and forensic computer services. Our vast information gathering capabilities can help businesses and legal strategists decide whether to sue, go to trial, employ an alternative dispute resolution and whether or not to negotiate a settlement.

Our team is comprised of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including law, law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, technology and management consulting. Working closely and confidentially with management and/or legal counsel, we can help to devise a strategy to resolve such problems as thefts of trade secrets, threats and hostile acts, product diversion, grey market and counterfeit products, patent and trademark infringements, and sexual harassment and other employee issues.

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