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Risk Protection Associates offers protection services customized to meet the requirements of customers for physical site protection. Primarily intended for perimeter security around business facilities and plant operations, RPA also offers its services to religious institutions, private schools and VIP residences.

RPA protection services are for organizations that require armed security agents with a high level of competence, responsibility and operational capability. Our protection services personnel are active duty and retired law enforcement officers from state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. All personnel are trained specific to their responsibilities. This high level of experience, training and proficiency allows our protection agents to operate with a dedicated sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Our protection services generally begin with a site security assessment, which identifies areas of vulnerability and recommends methods for securing the area to be protected. 

RPA Protection Services consists of several key strategies designed to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets under difficult circumstances. These services include:

• Executive Protection                                                      • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management

• Protective Surveillance                                                 • Workplace Incident Protection
• Travel Protection                                                            • Labor disputes and workforce layoffs
• Security Force Development & Training                      • Threats posed by terminated employees


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