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Risk Protection Associates can help with the evaluation, enhancement or development of your existing policies, procedures and practices to conform to governmental guidance related to the FCPA, FSMA, C-TPAT and similar laws and programs. RPA delivers an integrated view of all of the elements of a corporate compliance program.

RPA will assess and advise on critical internal controls and practices relevant to loss and shrink, terrorism, corruption, fraud, supply chain and procurement issues. Working to identify and fill gaps, we create improved frameworks for compliant work environments.


In addition, Risk Protection Associates due diligence capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. With a reputation for thoroughness and discretion, RPA provides business intelligence that protects business ventures, minimizes financial losses, increases profits, preserves proprietary data and corporate reputations, and produces successful outcomes in litigation and criminal proceedings.

RPA’s business intelligence provides reliable insight into the financial stability, capabilities and public reputation of competitors and potential business international. We provide sophisticated investigations into intellectual property matters, intelligence on companies and individuals, reporting on their history, creditworthiness, ownership and corporate structure, and the industries and countries in which they operate.




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