Risk Protection Associates offers a variety of training classes designed to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Most classes are tailored to address the specific issues facing your organization:

Security Awareness / Loss Prevention Training - This class is designed to give management and staff alike an understanding of the most pressing security and loss prevention issues facing your organization. This class is custom designed by our security experts to teach security awareness and preventative measures that will help company employees, information and assets stay safe.

Employee Drug User Recognition - All illicit drugs effect the eyes in known, predictable ways. When supervisors and managers know the eye clues and symptoms of drug impairment, dangerous employees can be identified long before a random drug test result. Program features video of persons actually under the influence of cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Drug concealment methods in the work place are also featured. Employee drug testing issues (such as how employees beat the urine test) and policy development are also covered. This training offers companies protection from wrongful discharge liability lawsuits for failure to train supervisors in a fitness for duty situation.

Workplace Violence Prevention - This dynamic training course will address threat assessment, violence prevention, intervention and response strategies, workplace factors that contribute to homicides, and key policy considerations and protocols such as prevention through environmental design. The class features video clips of real workers who plotted killings in the workplace so that managers can see into the mind of the violent employee. Designing your workplace to prevent violent assault and a workplace site safety survey are included in the training.

Terrorist Attack Avoidance / Active Shooter Threat Mitigation - This fascinating training program provides all the information needed to understand the motives and operations of terrorist groups and active shooters, and how your consulate, corporation, educational institution or house of worship may be a target and what steps you can take to address the threat and avoid becoming the victim of an attack.

Combined TrainingsMany of our clients request combined training, such as employee drug user recognition with workplace violence. This combination not only maximizes your training cost/benefit but also makes good training strategy, because many workplace violence incidents involve a drug abusing employee! Any of our individual training programs can be combined to fit your training needs.


Executive Security Training - This class is designed for executives that face potentially hazardous situations because of where they work, places that they travel, or information and/or assets that they travel with. Also valuable for high-profile executives that do not have their own personal security team. Focuses on self-defense, survival, travel/transportation security issues and non-lethal defense alternatives.